I have written for food, beverage, and lifestyle publications such as T Magazine, Bon Appétit, Time Out New York, Eater, New York Magazine, Saveur, Los Angeles Times, Edible Brooklyn, Tasting Table, Vice MUNCHIES, The Standard Hotels International, Architectural Digest, Domino, HyperAllergic, Extra Crispy, Gothamist, Brooklyn Magazine, amNewYork, MOLD, Food Tank, VinePair, Sprudge, Put A Egg On It, NYLON, BUST, Paper Magazine, Refinery29, Artsy, YES PLZ Weekly and more. An essay I wrote was also given an honorable mention in the book, Best American Food Writing 2019 .


- Bon Appétit: The ‘Freestyle Fermentation’ Chef Who Dreams of Her Own Pickle Shop

Bon Appétit: How Food Businesses Nationwide Are Handling Coronavirus

T- The New York Times Style Magazine: In Austin, a Low-Key Natural Wine Bar

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- T - The New York Times Style Magazine: A Salad for Frida Kahlo

- T - The New York Times Style Magazine: Jell-O, Out of the Mold

- Grub Street: Brand-New Cafes and Bars Striving to Look As Old-Fashioned As Possible

- Grub Street: Lalito Has a New Chef--And She's Ready To Make A Name For Herself

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- Eater NY: Tamra Teahouse, serving dishes with pan-Asian and African inflections, is bringing its food to Mali

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- Edible Brooklyn: Inside Gertie, Williamsburg's New Luncheonette and Liquor Bar

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- Eater: How Do Non Alcoholic Bars Actually Work?

- Fashionista: 6 Fashion Brands That Turn To Food And Restaurants For Inspiration Each Season

- VinePair: The Tastemaker Bringing Natural Wine Education to NYC's Hottest Restaurants

- Vice MUNCHIES: This Ex-Taxidermist Food Stylist Helps Bring Christine McConnell's Weird, Creepy World To Life

- Edible Brooklyn: New Performance Space and All-Day Vegan Restaurant Public Records Opens in Gowanus

- The Standard Hotel: The King of Sourdough Takes The Standard

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- AFAR: 5 Culinary Bookshops Across The U.S. That Offer More Than Just Recipes

- Gothamist: Williamsburg's Samesa Introduces 10-for-$10 Vegetarian Tasting Menu

- MOLD: In This Lucky Peach and Rene Redzepi-Approved Book, A Solution To The Failings Of Food Conferences

- MOLD: LAZY MOM Explores Politics and Patriarchy Through the Processed American Diet

- DAZED: Surrealist bread sculptures, climate change jello, and supper clubs-as-activism: meet New York’s culinary obsessives reimagining the art of food

- Grub Street: Precycle is Brooklyn's New 'Zero Waste' Grocery Store With A Mission


- Time Out New York: Here's What the Future of Tattoo Shops Will Look Like

- Domino: How this Textile Artist Brings Whimsy to the Home

- Architectural Digest: Disneyland Inspired the Design of this Zany L.A. Home

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- Architectural Digest: This Design Studio is Making Furniture in a Frying Pan

- HyperAllergic: Artist-Designed Choking Victim Posters and The Creative Future of Restaurants

- Vice MUNCHIES: I Ate Monochromatic Meals For the Sake of Art

- Brooklyn Magazine: Chen & Kai Design Studio Tries Their Hand At Cheetos

- Food Tank: On New York's Governor's Island: An Artists' Utopia Designs For Climate Change

- HyperAllergic: A Clown-Themed Art Show Advocates For Radical Joy

- Food Tank: Apiary Harnesses The Power of Ancient Relationship Between Artists and Bees

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